Creating Balance

Creating Balance ≠ Having It All


Christmas Bouquet

In my mind I’m still a teenager. I want to ride my bike about 350 miles a week. I’d like to run about 35 miles a week. I’d like three days a week to walk for eight hours in the hills or mountains. Of course, I’d throw work in there as well, because I actually like my work. And then devotion to family ranks pretty high. My problem; not enough hours in a day compounded by a somewhat limited energy level compared to 35 years ago.

About ten years ago I enjoyed a consistent yoga practice. I would say it was the strongest I ever felt in my body from head to toe. I advocate yoga for my clients and feel its benefits are almost too numerous to list. However, over time, I became busier with my business and it was more difficult to fit it in and I abandoned it. At the end of October my body decided to throw a tantrum one morning. What had been a good intention of getting back into the yoga studio come January became a forced necessity. Because of my vocation it is imperative that I am in good physical health, so facing a body setback creates a bit of panic for me. I’m about 2/3 of the way into a self-imposed yoga program to get my body back to where I’m happy with it and also part of a guinea pig self experiment.

In short, it’s been great. Things resolved quicker than I hoped and it has helped with a host of things. But there is one drawback; there is a serious lack of fresh air in a yoga studio. It’s why I’ve never been a fan of riding a bicycle indoors or going to gyms. I need a breeze on my face and scents of nature drifting past my nose.

Today I was able to steal away for a few hours and get in a short hike. The conditions weren’t perfect, but it was perfect enough for me. I huffed a bit more ascending that initial hill after a forced layoff. The photo opportunities weren’t what I had hoped either, but I enjoyed capturing some Smooth Sumac drupes. This seemingly imperfect hike was the exact thing that was lacking in my life. I needed an outdoor escape.

For the man that seeks to have it all, he will have a hard time finding the contentment that comes from balance. When the scales of life begin to tip out of favor it is a gentle reminder to seek the balance that brings a mind to ease.




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